Gredge 07R

ZESTINO GREDGE 07R Semi slick tyre:

This Zestino Gredge 07R a Medium compound (Treadwear 240) Semi Slick tyre is the weapon of choice when a long-time durability is essential. It is still an Ultra High Performance tyre, very recommended for all kinds of racing and Street use.

The Zestino Gredge 07R provide drivers a very high grip and confidence to drive at the very maximum limit and even beyond. Even when taking a corner too fast and starting to slide into a drift, you’ll feel amazing control. These tyres are very predictable without any sudden grip losses.

These tyres have E-mark and Energy label.

See our recommendations below.


* – considering when full slick tyres are not allowed

** – For Drifting we recommend these Medium compound tyres only for drift cars with a power output of 350 – 600 HP! Why? With a less powerful car on these Zestino Gredge 07R you can start a drift, but you can only hardly keep it! The grip level is simply too high. If your car has more than 400 HP, you’ll be very fast also sideways (in drifting).

*** – A long track day? This Gredge 07R is your best choice!

Are you on a circuit in Spain or Portugal where it is very hot and you have a heavy car and do not want to buy tyres every day? Go for Hard!

**** – Street use: Racing drivers know already, that Slick and Semi-Slick tyres need to be warmed up (get to working temperature) before they unleash their full grip potential. So when the tyres are cold, be more careful. As a general rule, the higher the tyre air pressure, the longer it takes to heat up. (When tyres are rolling, they are working = heating up). So if you need that ultimate grip earlier, then reduce the air pressure!

Technical specifications